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Hey, how are you? Really happy that you have found us. Chances are you want to reach out to to a highly engaged British Expat Community. You understand that appealing to such a large community group would be beneficial to you and your business You also want to know how do you talk to this many people without being to salesy, too pushy, too in your face! Could you benefit from a keyword alert service to notify you exactly when someone is talking about your service or product. The answer has to be yes so lets talk!
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Want to market properly in facebook groups?


    Social Media Penetration

    We help strategize a social media campaign to target British expats in the UAE. We help businesses leaders become captains of industry to give true value to our membership which delivers measurable results.

    Content Creation

    Whilst the underlying message should always be of a helpful nature, it’s also crucial that you should have visually impacting creatives. You need the ‘wow’ factor to support your tone and ethos.

    Business Networking

    To support your social media endeavours, it’s always good to have the face to face network presence. People buy people, and it’s always good to put a face to a name. We have a large network of business owners and operators within our group and we will be holding regular networking events. Being a sponsor of such events can help solidify your message.

    Social Gatherings

    If you are a venue and need an extra push filling your space, then reaching out to our thousands of members is a perfect starting point. We regularly run social gatherings.

    Product Launch

    Having a huge affluent social group can help with successful launches of a product or service. Could having a large turnout of British expats at your event help? The answer has to be yes.


    Whats the deal with such a large invested group?

    About Brits In Dubai

    Brits in Dubai originated in 2014 as a Facebook group that was dedicated to helping British expats settle and thrive in the UAE. The concept has evolved from being a place for advice around DEWA, accommodation, dining and dealing with landlords, to what is now so much more than that. It’s a business network, a wellness centre, a social conduit for gatherings and a place which helps business around the UAE to grow and connect. We’re proud to say that we have become the number one British expat group in the UAE by a considerable distance and this is down to our insistence of being there for our membership. The first priority has and will always be our members and whilst we continue to grow at a rapid pace, this will not change - give more to get more. This has been our underlying ethos since it’s inception. We work tirelessly for our members to make sure the advice and connections that they encounter are the best they could possibly be. We are a shoulder to cry on, the guys with the contacts, an idea’s factory, and the centre of interaction. If we don’t have the answer, you can be sure we can get it. Can we connect you with like minded people? For sure. Can we help develop a business strategy using social media? That’s our bread and butter. Can we offer you a return on investment? 100% yes!

    Video Presentation

    Can you imagine having a sales team that trawls a facebook group looking to see if someone is needing your product or service. Way too costly and time consuming, We could do it for you, check out the video to see how we do it. Turn on sound.

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